Mission & Vision

Anirudh Khaitan - Vice - Chairman

Knowledge can take you places, while imagination can take you anywhere.” This is one of the facts of life that we have to embrace. Art is such a medium which helps you explore your inner creativity and express yourself in any way you feel. In fact every creation in the world happens twice, Once in your mind and then followed by reality. Great entrepreneurs are Great Artists who can imagine the impossible and hence then go create it.

Claire Whyte Principal


‘The Atelier’ department of Visual Arts in KPS, under the leadership of a true visionary, Mr. Raju Bose, is dedicated to the vision of making art accessible, inclusive, and meaningful for all that passes through their doors. The faculty has been fostering creativity through a vast array of materials and resources, believing that we should equip our students for the 21st century using pedagogies that include tradition and innovation. With that we can foster in our students the mindset to be the change agents which we need for the betterment of the future. Our art department here at KPS produces happier children and helps broaden their horizons collaborating across so many departments in the school. Our staff are talented, professional, supportive, dedicated, passionate, experienced and inspirational who continually inspire to make our students the future generation of creative thinkers.

Raju Bose - HOD @ Visual Arts


“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.”
― John Lennon ―
This quote always inspires me to dream big and think out of the box. Atelier website is probably the result of the ‘odd’ thinking of some ‘odd’ people. During my long engagements with art education through students’ facilitation, curriculum designing, development and training, I realized that if all the aspects of art education can be consolidated in one platform, this platform may lead to imagination, inspiration, exploration, research, collaboration, creativity, dreaming and food for thought, all at one pallet. India has taken the initiative to change the education culture. This website will be a pioneer to the new era. It will contribute as a great learning resource of art in education for all the stakeholders. So I am inviting you to be a part of it... “Learn – Collaborate – Create”.